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Thinkin about Snowslick a lot while I ride my bike to work and back because duh what else would I think about who the hell do you think I am

One of the things I thought about was how killing Snowman was so very very much not a thing for Slick to do for SO MANY reasons

I mean, yes. He hates her. But with the way he hate-obsesses over her, doesn’t it make more sense to not kill her? Based solely on the fact that it’s what she wants him to do. His crew is dead, yes. But from everything we know about Slick… that still doesn’t quite seem like enough to me. idk, he’s never struck me as the sort to be so fatalistic about things. Stupid and impulsive, maybe, but this isn’t impulsive. This isn’t him acting on a whim in the middle of a heated moment.

Nah. When Slick kills Snowman it’s hesitantly. He’s had so many opportunities to do it, and based on the text (“and a pair of black lovers locked in a deadly dance” seems to imply frequent intanglements?) he doesn’t. Repeatedly. When he finally does, her text lends further credit to this, as well as to the fact that even now - he’s still hesitant. There doesn’t seem to be any joy in it like we’d expect to see if he was acting out of “revenge” or “hate” either - he just kind of raises the gun and shoots her. The end.

So why? Why would he kill her, when he has so much to lose and literally nothing to gain?

If we look at the entire character arc of Jack Noir, though, there are elements that sort of make sense. We just need to make a few basic assumptions based on what canon tells us.

1. Derse opposes the creation of a new universe - the Black Queen is unable to fulfill this duty due to Noir’s actions. However, through “employment” via Lord English, she is at least able to facilitate the destruction of a universe. Almost as good, right?


Assumption: all Derse agents, somewhere in their “programming” (we’re also assuming this is a thing ok), also oppose creation in some way. Noir’s just kind of a complicated case based on his desire to get the ring.

2. Jack Noir is actually really fucking good at his job okay like damn it he bitches up a storm about it but he gets stuff done.

Assumption: ….actually this just brings us right to the headcanon so ok that’s a shorter list of reasons for this than I’d anticipated but MAN WHATEVS HERE WE GO 

What I get out of all of this is that maybe killing Snowman doesn’t make any sense at all from the perspective of Spades Slick. 

Jack Noir, on the other hand, can in the same circuitous route taken by his ex-queen, do what he was basically born to do. All he has to do is draw.

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