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The day has arrived! Thank you all so much for following me!!
To commemorate this milestone I’m doing a little giveaway with three of the following prizes:

First place: fully colored bust
Second place: flat colored bust
Third place: lineart bust

The winners can choose for me to draw one of their OC-s, a canon character, humans, furries, aliens, basically anything but robots or complicated armor.

-You gotta be following me! (This is a follower appreciation thing after all)
-Only reblogs count (each person only gets one entry but like and reblog it as much as you want)
-No giveaway blogs
-Keep your asks open so I can contact you if you win!
-Giveaway ends at midnight (US Mountain Time) on the 22nd of August.
-I’m choosing the winners by random number generator.

Again, thank you all for following me! :)
Please note: I’ve got my own personal project and commissions to finish so the prizes will not be priority projects. I will try to complete them as soon as possible though.


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